Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ay, there be the contact strip

Writer/Director Rian Johnson (Brick) has an eccentric site that, among other fresh oddities, features a twice-BabelFished version of Hamlet's soliloquy.

I'm a big fan of Brick. Don't rent it at your own entertainment peril.

Currently watching the Korean film Tell Me Something, at the behest of Charles Y. Is it possible to make a good film built of cliched detective scenes? Not sure yet. Will let you know at the end. Love love love that they're objectifying men as the serial killer victims. I'm going to do that someday, but it can't be my first two films or I'll be burned at the stake.

Wonder how much money they spent on gallons of blood. We're approaching Kubrick territory here.

Monday, February 26, 2007

"You're always welcome in one of my beds"

Sh*t you not, I was just about to give up on tonight's Battlestar Galactica episode. This was the conversation in my head:

"Christ. Another effing SPEC episode. Who gives a rat's ass about all these new crew members? I could write a better spec episode. Maybe I should watch it. Hell, why am I the only one bitching about this season of BSG? Is there something wrong with me that I just can't get into it? What do I want? I mean, I'm not some shipper, but at this point the only thing that would make me watch would be Adama and Roslin having some dirty toaster....DID ADAMA JUST SAY "YOU'RE ALWAY WELCOME IN ONE OF MY BEDS??????"

Ufh. More pleasure out of that sentence and Madame President's priceless reaction than in the whole Oscar telecast. OMG that was good. Now I've got to stay up watch the rest of the episode.

How much you want to bet that line was Ms. Jane "effin" Espenson rocking the starship? I think it was.

Have I mentioned lately I want to be Roslin when I grow up? I think I will be. I'll make myself some Roslin/Mirren combo that all the boys want to take orders from. How fun would that would be?

"Go ahead. Take him away. That's it....I'm thinking of having a good-old-fashioned book burning."

Eff yeah, Roslin.

I had a moment during the "Woman King" episode where I wondered if the screenwriter read my blog.

Do the people who win the Oscars think the people who lost don't have God on their side? Would they still thank God if they lost? Would that still be his will? Fully expected Jennifer Hudson to spout that elitist mumbo jumbo, but Forest? Sigh.

Roslin torturning Baltar right now. OMG. "I'm dying to read the ending...Gentleman proceed..." There's Six. "Perhaps you'll consider writing a blurb for my cover."

Beautiful. Nothing makes me happier than kick-ass storytelling.

"Extortion is not an acceptable form of protest...Chief. Uh-uh. We're done."


Monday, February 19, 2007

Only 18 more hours...

Until my bfriend Jack Bauer saves the world again. He's so effin' dreamy for a Truth and Justice gal like me.

In the meantime, amuse thyself with the antics of the criminally insane over at stalwart Blogs 4 Bauer. Particularly amused today by the Point/Counterpoint column with Stewie Grifith and Luke Skywalker about the senior Bauer and his dark side. I say, if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

Perfect moment

Mom picked me up from school every day in the grey station wagon. Its motor had a distinctive sound. I could always pick it out before it came into view, rounding the circular driveway and passing the other moms' cars to pull up to the curb alongside me.

I was proud of the car. It was a new Datsun Maxima, and it spoke. A woman's voice would tell you if the door was open, or remind you to fasten your seatbelt. That was cool. Not as cool as Kit, the talking Trans Am on Knight Rider that had full, sentient conversations...but still cool enough to impress my classmates at St. Eugene's. That was good, because there wasn't much else they liked about me.

Every day I would see Mom driving the car around the circle at 2:45, her big Jackie O sunglasses perched on the ethnic nose she hated and tried to hide. If prayers could transform flesh, my Mom would have had a ski nose.

I would jump into the car, greet my mother, and turn to the back where my dog Turbo was waiting to greet me. Soft fur, softer heart, big kind eyes that let me know I was wanted and loved.

We would pull out onto Farmer's Lane after the traffic cleared, and Mom would ask me about my day. Or sometimes we would turn up KZST and just listen to the radio, discussing our favorite music. On the very best days, Billy Vera and the Beaters would be playing.

What would you think...

The sad song from Family Ties when Alex P. Keaton's soulmate Ellen, the liberal girl with the heart gold, left him for being a jerk.

Mom loved that song. It brought out all her drama queen tendencies. She would crank up the volume, something she otherwise hated because of her noise sensitivity, and she would bring her right hand up off the steering wheel, twist it into a fist and shove it to her face to sing. She would rarely make a noise, but she mimed passionately; head lolling, eyes furrowed.

...With tears in your eyes...

I would follow along, giggling, though lip-synching was too hard for me. I'd always end up leaning in next to her microphone hand, singing at half-voice.

...Trying to tell me you've found you another...

Turbo in the backseat would raise his head to sniff the wind, and bark along.

...And you just don't love me no more.

The song would end with a big, dramatic flourish, and we would sigh and turn down the volume, knowing it had been a good trip home.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Poor Little Rich Girl

I feel really bad. She was crying out for help the whole time, and instead the nation laughed at her.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Check out this footage on Spiderman 3. Can't wait!


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


What's your favorite X-Files episode?

I'm watching "Pusher" again, and I think that might be it. No mythology, just classic moments for each character, great dialogue and storytelling, and a cool cool villain.

Cerulean blue.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I'm always trying to find an alternative to water that is sugar free and unleaded. In case you are, too, here are my two latest favs. Delicious, and in the medium-price range.

African Red Tea

Red tea is supposedly all sorts of good for the body. I first had this at the Ole Henriksen salon and loved it so much, I was convinced it would be out of my price range. Lucky me, only $5 for 20 bags.

Republic of Tea

This Daily Green Tea Honey Ginseng is sugar free, and helps me when I get that sweet tooth urge. The honey flavor really comes through. $9 for 50 bags.