Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We Saw Your Hate

Jokes are an important tool of those in power for reinforcing the status quo. The Oscar telecast was viewed by 1 billion people around the world, and the complete disrespect of anyone who wasn't a straight white male MATTERS. It showed the world Hollywood is in control of its women, people of color, gays, and other nationalities. It said "You don't belong and aren't welcome." When naive online commenters say the Oscar telecast doesn't matter or that feminists are taking the jokes out of context, they are lacking the context of daily life for industry women and minorities in Hollywood...and the fact that Hollywood's largest export is its view of the world. 

What is extra infuriating about this telecast is that three months ago Kathryn Bigelow was a shoe-in for another directing nomination and her movie was the front runner for Best Picture. "They" run a public campaign against ZERO DARK THIRTY for its torture portrayals, and a private campaign in Hollywood Oscar Screenings spreading the rumor that Bigelow wasn't capable of directing the film and her younger boyfriend screenwriter Mark Boal had to take over onset because he was the brains and talent. Next thing you know, we have the most sexist telecast I've seen in twenty-five years of watching the Oscars, and Kathryn Bigelow is erased from it. Did you see a red carpet interview with her? A close-up during the 3 1/2 hour telecast? Any mention of her or her 2013 directing nomination snub? As a woman working in Hollywood, I can tell you that all of my fellow female friends got the message loud and clear: "One win was enough, little ladies. Now lay down and squeal like a pig or you're a poor sport who will get even less next time. And DON'T GET FAT."