Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pix From My Parties

Birthdays are a weird thing...while we all die alone, we all entered this world through our moms. My wise, dear friend Valencia was smart enough to know I would need support during this first b-day without Mom, and generously flew down to be with me, causing a chain reaction of me putting a little effort into arranging some entertainment...and voila! Depression avoided.

Thursday night was spent at Bigfoot Lodge, my fav bar. Very kick back, and fantastic music. We made it until midnight, when I turned Jesus's age, and even had some b-day cake to celebrate.

Friday night was 80s dancing at Ruby, and it was SUCH A BLAST! Hard to name a favorite moment, but it was probably either Rock Lobster or Valencia and me in the hip hop room fending men off after I did an S-Factor hip move. Aftewards Brenda, Anna, Dave, and Valencia led me down to Mel's where we were served after hours by one of the rudest waiters ever, who looked quite a bit like Kirk Cameron.

Saturday was pjs/hangover day (I'm old, remember?) until we got dressed and made it up the Hollywood Hill to Mark's party. Amazing food and met some nice people.

Sunday was Cheebo brunch, taking Valencia to the airport :( open house, afternoon drinks at Venice boardwalk with Sarah to say goodbye to Dannie and Warren :( where Hero was a huuuge hit on the boardwalk (What IS it? Is that ALIVE?), then home to host movie night: Shaun of the Dead. We enjoyed cheese fondue, b-day cupcakes from Joan's on Third (thank you Ellie!) and once again picked a deadly word to drink to: "Ed" (Shaun's roommate).

There was a strong showing over b-day weekend from the Scibosphere, Feedback LA, Flash Forward and the Miracle Mile Posse.

Thanks to all for taking my mind off aging, and helping me usher in my first b-day without Mom...she was missed, but we all told some great stories about her. V. funny. And best of all, you all made me feel very special and not at all alone. Thanks.

If you're interested, there are some Pix here.



ecogrrl said...

After moving overseas, I've definitely come to realize that good friends are one of the most important things you can ever hope to find in life. Glad you had a blast, my dear! Oh, and I feel you on the open houses (can explain via email).

Lynda said...

I just realized I will be the last person in my immediate family to face a first birthday without my sister alone.

I am glad you had some good friends to help make it better.

Oh, and my parents were there when my sister died, as was her son. We don't have to die alone.

MJ said...

Kis Sis - I hope you had a happy day -- it sure looked like it!

BTW, has anyone ever told your friend Valencia that she looks like Teri Hatcher? Or at least in your photos she does.

Kidsis said...

Meg, totally. And please email :)

Lynda, when is your b-day? Okay, and you're right. Mom wasn't alone either.

Pink Flower Girl, she looks SO MUCH like Teri Hatchter - only with a body! I'm always telling her that, and she's always saying nah! She's such a cutie.

Lynne said...


Lynne said...

I thought about you on your birthday, my sister Carollyn and my neices Joan and Jean share this birthday with you.

ronnie said...

Great pix! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Fun Joel said...

Sorry I couldn't be there!

Andrew Ironwood said...

Okay, calling Dr. Freud: I just looked at the title of this post and thought it said, "Pix From My Panties"...