Friday, May 13, 2005


Okay, just a teaser because some of you have asked already. I'm in that famous Hollywood strip class that's in the news (some Desperate Housewives and others take it). So this weekend I have to go down to this skeezy part of Hollywood and buy my platform heels for next week's class (there's a weekend intensive in San Francisco next weekend, or you can buy your own pole and videotapes at the website - it sounds like it's slutty but it ISN'T - it's all Goddessy and love your body exactly the way it is and do this for yourself not a man...very granola fun meditation/chakra-ish, but with dancing to DMX music).

I'm already torn between the clear lucite and the black patent heels. All the other girls in class had their shoes already, and I was so distracted shopping by staring at their feet, I could hardly do the routine. It will be interesting to see which pair the tranny sales"girls" talk me into buying, especially considering my podiatrist would kill me if he saw me anywhere near the dang foot contraptions.

So I'll tell you more about this bizarre field trip and the AMAZING class itelf later on a day I haven't already posted a frigging novella. Gotta save something, right?

And really, REALLY, this is not some invitation for you all to think I'm some cyber slut and start linking to my page or sending me porn.., This is acutally an innocent, fairly intensive ballet class with some dangerously wicked gymnastics that just happens to be on a pole. It's the equivalent of when all you guys thought Bikram Yoga was easy, and then went and tried it and threw up on your first class. This is hard, serious, dancing. And for me there's a total disconnect between sex and dancing. I was a ten year old dressing up and doing the Time Warp and studying Bob Fosse moves three times a week. Dance for many women is JUST DANCE. Just something for me and my own childish joy.

Oh, one other cool thing...did you know Scott Glenn was still kicking around making movies? Got a new A & E movie out this month! Saw the billboard while I was driving Mom back from another Dr appointment today. I was so excited I almost stopped the car in the middle of Sunset Blvd! I was just thinking about him the other day, which usually means actors are either about to be in the paper for dying or with a new movie. So glad it's the latter. Wes Hightower/Jack Crawford = My Full Attention.

Last cool thought: a screenwriting teacher of mine, supersmart Laurie Hutzler, says Jack Crawford is the antagonist in Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal is the mentor. (No Buffalo Bill isn't the antagonist...he's just the object). THINK ABOUT IT: Jack is the one who betrays Clarice, whose advice gets her into trouble, who gets her to lie to Hannibal. Hannibal only tells her the truth, and does what a real mentor should do...steers her right so she can figure it out on her own. Cool, eh?


Louis said...

Hey, that's cool. And uh, feel free to invite us to a class sometime -- you know, for moral support and stuff. 'Cause what's the point of playing "goddess" if there's no one there to worship ya? ;-)

nicholasjcoleman said...

Just read the spoon page. Good description of life with chronic pain too.

Kidsis said...

Nicholas, congrats to Casey! Do you have chronic pain, or someone you love? Thanks for the links to the runaway bride suggestions - HI-larious.

Louie, no lookie-loos allowed! But you can buy your wife the DVD and watch her! -

nicholasjcoleman said...

Yes. I have Fibromyalgia--not something most guys my age deal with. The most annoying part is that since it's a syndrome (a collection of symptoms), it's hard to diagnose and even harder to treat. I don't really talk about it with people, because it's generally too hard to explain (plus, as you said, there's that stigma of "being sick").

Anonymous said...

oh my, the dormant foot fetishist gene I have been suppressing is rearing it's toe as I type (smiles), hey that sounds like a lot of fun

Kidsis said...

Nicholas, totally understand. It's quite frustrating, really. But I'm pleased you shared with me. By the way, like your actor website.

Moviequill, the shoes are awful, really really painful. But the class is a kick, and very empowering...the studio is run by staunch feminists and has a real sisterhood vibe to it.

Anonymous said...

And you thought I blew some minds?! I love hearing about this. Remind me to tell you about a funny incident at a wedding one time that involved a pole and some innocent dancing.

I have a pair of those shoes from Foot Fetish in SF, and getting fitted by the tranny sales manager was a delight.